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Complete Horoscope by Stefan Stenudd. Medium Coeli is not a heavenly body at all, but treated much the same in astrology. It moves much faster than any of the planets: the full circle of the Zodiac in 24 hours, just like the Ascendant.

Sun in 10th house in Leo for Scorpio ascendant in Astrology

Therefore it is necessary to know the exact time of birth, in order to establish the correct MC. But it can differ, because of celestial and heavenly angles.

In the horoscope, Medium Coeli represents one's image of oneself, how you perceive your own personality. That might be close to how you really are, but that's not at all necessarily so. We all risk fostering completely delusional images of ourselves - to some extent it's what we like to do: regard ourselves as fancier than others are likely to describe us.

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We also tend to present ourselves to others through the Ascendant in a way that we ourselves regard as far from the truth. That's shown by the normal right angle between the two points of the horoscope. It is typical for the human character not to trust that what we believe ourselves to really be is enough to impress others.

So, we play roles. They mark the very beginning of the Tenth House, which is the house representing career and public standing.

Using Your Midheaven as a Career Guide

In reality, our Midheavens give us a clear path we can follow to get to our overall life goals, in the avenue of public recognition, which we do all seek in one way or another. Your Public Persona The image you present to the public is expressive and regal. You command attention and admiration. Your Path To Success.

What You See versus What You Get: The Rising Sign (And More)

Stepping into the public eye is a harsh, but inevitable move we all make. As a Leo Midheaven, you entertain the public. Success is a show. A whole production. You are striving to share a piece of your heart in your career. We can also create punctual astral charts to know how current planet transitions affect us in regards to a specific situation. In astral charts, we can see how planet transition occurs and the way it influences our midheaven, and whether those energies collaborate or hinder the achievement of our set goals.

Now that we know how to calculate midheaven and its location on a natal or astral chart, it's time to know the zodiac sign of the midheaven where it falls, because it'll be decisive for our professional and spiritual fate. In this position there's an active search for leadership and adventure. Whatever your job is, you should try to aim for something that tests all your inner resources.

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If you can, make it outside an office building, always keep moving. You need to watch out and avoid being too blunt, because there's a tendency to follow goals with too much passion, as bad as it sounds. You need to make a conscious effort to work on your spirituality, Aries, because you tend to be materialistic. Great persistence and willpower lead your Taurus midheaven wherever you go.

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However, goals must be practical and achievable, there's no time to build castles out of thin air. Anything related to arts and aesthetic goals is incredibly appreciated here. There's great chances of success in artisan work.

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Language is highly promoted and the mind is constantly moving for you, Gemini, so this midheaven is geared towards goals connected with communications or the world of public relations. The problem is, you tend to disperse your energy into too many emotions; but once you know what you want, your midheaven will shine bright like a diamond.

A great sense of protection and sensitivity make your Cancer midheaven aim for jobs where caring and feeling sympathy for others is essential. Jobs related to medicine or teaching are highly common. Providing for and satisfying others' needs is very important. A midheaven destined to follow a creative path. No matter the job, it is crucial that you, Leo, can have leadership and the ultimate power of choice on your own fate, as well as complete independence.

The most appropriate professions are connected to self-employment. You'll always be in constant movement, and your inner fire is to blame. Details and an analytical sense are a must in jobs chosen by a Virgo midheaven. If this is your case, be as patient as you can and work hard to grow the skills you need to do your job as efficiently as possible.

Midheaven in Leo – Superstars

There's a great sense of reputation and you'll always be welcome among your mates. A highly versatile midheaven that can work on anything their heart desires. Still, Libra, you need to know that the human factor is crucial. You seek to develop beauty in life, although you're running the risk of being slightly shallow.

Jobs connected to fashion and etiquette are your main passion.