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Conversations are deep and lead to fruitful discoveries. Sexuality is richer. These things can be related to a partnership or key relationship in your life since Jupiter rules these things in your solar chart. There may be a metamorphosis of sorts related to a partnership. Potential negatives: Taking on too much debt or relying too heavily on others for support. This is a period when you can quite successfully purge yourself of some of your inner demons, guilt, and buried psychological problems. While there can be some reality checks at times, December is particularly powerful for psychological growth.

Imaginative activities or behind the scenes efforts can be rewarding, either or both spiritually and materially. Generosity, faith, and compassion increase. You may be opening up to family or loved ones and sharing your burdens. There are always areas of life that require more simplicity. Tests may be part of the picture as you learn that life with only growth and expansion can run away with itself.

Things built on weak foundations may very well crack under the pressure of these tests. Those that are strong will endure and strengthen. This influence will be with you until It can be felt most strongly earlier or later in the cycle, depending on whether you were born earlier or later in the sign of Gemini. This year, those born from approximately June , and those with a Gemini Ascendant of degrees, are most impacted. Tests can come to your financial and intimate worlds during this cycle. You may be dealing with fears of surrendering yourself, emotionally or financially, to others.

Support from others may not be as forthcoming as it has been in the past. This requires you to assume more independence in terms of making a living. Emotionally, there can be a feeling that others are not as supportive. There can be delays or difficulties in general when it comes to getting what you want or need from others. Intimacy may seem to dry up before it gets better.

These are unlikely to be drastic changes, but rather more on the lines of slow but sure progress, little by little. While this period can be a tad difficult at times, particularly when Saturn forms a quincunx to your Sun or Ascendant, there are some dazzling spots, making it a rewarding period overall, particularly if you focus more on long-term benefits and less on short-term frustrations.

Saturn occupies a sign that it rules, Capricorn, during this period, and performs very well here as a result. The last time Saturn moved through Capricorn was from As well, from December forward, there is more joy in simplifying these areas of life. You may very well make an important commitment or form a powerful alliance or attachment.


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From January to November, a wonderful influence is with you that helps you straighten out key areas of your life. Career matters benefit. According to a study, 58 per cent of year-old Americans believe astrology is scientific. The set nature of the signs is also why the Minnesota Planetarium Society's argument that there should be a 13th zodiac sign now, Ophiuchus, didn't actually result in a big astrology. Oh, honey I know it hurts. Whether you believe it or not, astrology is a truly good conversation starter and is good teaching material in English language classrooms.

Updated on June 5, I randomly ask people their zodiac sign. The horoscope visually expresses the set of relationships for the time and place of the chosen event. You don't like when people tell you to do things "for your own good," because most of the time they have no idea what's good for you and they're only projecting their own biases and prejudices onto you.

However, it contains a feature not often found in a Christian Church, i. Yes, you probably believe you should flaunt it if you have it. Whether you believe in astrological signs or not, it's fun to investigate the meanings and characteristics behind each symbol. If you need legal help, go to a lawyer, if you need medical help, go to a doctor. Whether or not you believe horoscopes are worthwhile, Ophiuchus won't be disrupting our astrological zodiac any time soon.

What do you mean to believe? You can believe in a lot of things without it having to be shirk and also this is astrology which is pseudoscientific. The older and more attune to who I am at my core, the more I'm realize I am very much like my zodiac sign. So, zodiac signs are believed to be a load of bologna by plenty, but to others like myself they mean so much more than a daily prediction.

Psychic Abilities and the Zodiac Signs. Routines are a common theme you implement and expect when building a relationship with someone.

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Find out the best hobbies for your zodiac sign. The zodiac sign you are most compatible with is Scorpio. Who do you believe the Zodiac Killer was? Arthur Leigh Allen. You believe in. No I'm not someone who accepts the new zodiac sign it would make me a Pieces, which no. Do you think someone has feelings for you? Are you interested in the signs of the zodiac sign that relate to interpersonal relationships and love? Click and select a sign for the meaning of love.

Do you have any tattoos? Yeah I do but not on everything , I don't believe then in fortune telling , like telling you what might happen to you at that day , that I don't believe but I believe the treats of the people , pros and cons of the signs , relationship between signs and stuff like that. And when it comes to love and romance, these 5 Zodiac signs, in particular, are the absolute best. If you are really interested in astrological signs and believe in compatibility, then research what signs are compatibility. I know most people in the. Whenever I go through difficult times in my romantic relationships, I run to google to do my research on zodiac signs.

Atop the sign is a tiny fairy take note, nonbelievers! This tiny fairy has metallic wings, a pink dress and yellow hair. Zodiac signs are no more than arbitrary designations of stellar clusters most of which are not physically linked any way, and just happen to appear in similar positions in the sky.

Raven people get on well with people whose zodiac signs are otter or deer. The bible clearly tells us this is a form of idolatry and we should pay attention, but we do make slips now and again. Do you believe in the new Zodiac? Ever since NASA announced a new Zodiac sign Ophiuchus and assigned new dates to each and every sign, there's been a huge uproar concerning if such changes are viable. You ' ll do anything you can to ensure they achieve all the success. Find out what determines your fate!

All living beings are responsible for their karma — their actions and their consequences — and for their liberation from the cycle of birth and death of samsara. Snake is a. They are innovative in everything, including their dress and ideas. Keep reading. Do you believe in love at first sight, or feel love is a gradual process? Well, your zodiac sign might have a little influence on how you view situations and deal with your emotions. Demons are crazy like that. Kiki O'Keeffe is an astrology writer in Brooklyn. More information can be found at the Council of Vedic Astrology.

How can you actually believe a zodiac sign would explain a person's character? What did we do when we heard, well we all came right away. Leave a Reply. Each sign has different personality traits which proponents claim are found in people who have that Zodiac sign. Monkeys are clever, creative and mischievous — and this is supposed to be a good year for all.

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I do not believe in astrology, but I do believe certain traits of your zodiac sign are part of your personality. This is the demon, Agares. Do the quizzes and the crossword. If you are born under this sign you are a free spirit, that does not like to be held back. Another way to peak the interest of a Piscean is to discuss anything having to do with; Spirituality, the Supernatural or Mysticism, don't forget reincarnation. Its teaches a lesson. The 4 mutable signs, in addition to also being the houses of 1 horseman of the apocalypse each, are the last placements prior to accension.

Depending on the day of your birth, Zodiac signs tell who you are mostly attracted to, your feelings, and things that will occur in the future. You do everything with goodness in your heart. Can people intimidate you? Do you forgive betrayal? Pluto Signs by Year, to Often his sensitivity asks for a partner that is slow and tender enough. Hobbies That Could You Money. Many women in this world believe in many things, and the zodiac is one of them.

I'm a Taurean, and I totally believe in it, I eat that shit up! My current girlfriend and I had an instant connection through our first.

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Do you believe in the Signs of the Zodiac? Haven't you found that the systems for Planning always fail? Can you avoid what gave Daddy his heart attack? Have you tried everything, anything, All to no avail? I know what you need. You will hold your partner accountable, and have them follow through on the plans they set in motion. If you said no, still keep reading, because this is interesting.

In the astrology of Vesta issues of sexuality and completeness unto oneself predominate. Possible associations are the woman or man who chooses celibacy, but as a nun or monk takes on a higher purpose than normal family life, also issues of sexuality and who is ultimately served in the process, self or other. More about Vesta While the lower expression of Eris might manifest as the lust for struggle and violence, there is also a more positive manifestation in the most basic defense of one's rights in standing up to established power, by violence if necessary.

By recognizing and coming to terms with this potentially violent factor in ourselves we can grow as humans and become more whole. The astrology of Haumea seems to be related to love of the natural world and to the fecundity of natural process. This archetype thus signals profound connection to Nature, connection to Source, and a form of natural charisma. More about Haumea The astrology of Makemake is related to love of the natural world and to the activism associated with defending the environment.

This archetype thus signals a profound connection to nature that is quite similar to the archetype of Haumea, his fellow traveler in the Kuiper Belt, with the same astronomical designation and also named from the pantheon of indigenous gods and goddesses. More about Makemake The Part of Fortune from the Latin Pars Fortuna is the only Arabian astrology part still commonly used in modern astrology. It indicates an area of life that is a fortunate one for the native. The house in which the Part of Fortune is placed indicates an area of your life which is likely to be a successful one for you; an area where the applications of your skill will bear fruit.

Its is where you will find good luck and happiness. More about the Planetary Bodies The Nodes of the Moon indicate areas of life that are of special concern to you. Also referred to as the dragon's head, The North Node indicates your goals.

The placement of the North Node indicates work that needs to be done in your life, or new faculties that need to be developed in the present lifetime. Also known as the dragon's tail, the South Node indicates areas of mastery, often from a previous lifetime. Aries people tend to be energetic, forceful and outgoing. They are good at getting things done, although they prefer starting to finishing. Like the energy of the first rush of spring, they move into the world in a headstrong, pioneering way. Aries people are likely to rush into things before reflecting, and may also be impatient or unwilling to sit back and allow events to mature.

More about Aries Taureans revel in the pleasures of life. They crave the security and comfort of relaxing in the warmth of their home environment. They value the senses and the enjoyment of material things. Taureans are likely to work hard to make their home an attractive one. They also have the makings of a healer and have a large capacity for kindness. More about Taurus Gemini is the sign associated with communication, logical thought processes based on duality and the conscious mind. Gemini people tend to be airy and intellectual, glib of tongue and curious about life and other people.

They can experience two sides of things at the same time, and may tend to be flighty. More about Gemini Cancerians are nurturing and protective of others. Their ruling planet is the Moon, and they tend to be moody, with constantly changing emotions. Cancerians are also likely to be security-conscious and highly value their home life. They may appear passive, and tend to rely on their feelings to make decisions. They are subtle, rather than direct, and are likely to reflect the moods of those around them.

More about Cancer Leos are likely to express themselves in dramatic, creative and assertive ways.

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They are also likely to enjoy the warmth of the physical Sun. Leos have great energy, courage and honesty. They are likely to be self-confident and maybe even a bit self-indulgent as they expect to be the center of attention, and often are. Leos can be quite determined and usually get their way when they really want to. They also possess great integrity, and are a natural leader.

Virgos love work, service to others and the gathering of the fruits of the material world, as symbolized by the harvest. They are also likely to be a good conversationalist, with wide-ranging knowledge and interesting ideas. They can be analytical and perhaps overly fond of detail, with perfectionist tendencies, and they may miss out on the big picture by concentrating on the micro. It also benefits them to learn the fine line between discrimination and criticism.

More about Virgo Libra is the sign of harmony and relationship. The Sun in Libra is at the time of the Equinox, when day equals night, and similarly Libra strives for balance between polarities. Librans are known for their good taste, elegance and charm. They are seekers of harmony and beauty. More about Libra Scorpio is the most intense sign of the Zodiac, and is associated with sexual activity and with the symbolism of death and rebirth.

Their emotions run deep. Scorpios have great personal magnetism and great powers of persuasion or even the ability to coerce others. More about Scorpio Sagittarius is an optimistic, positive-thinking sign associated with the quest for freedom from all restriction as well as idealism, religion and philosophy. Sagittarians are direct and forthright, good-natured and affirmative in their outlook. More about Sagittarius Capricorn people are ambitious and practical, and are likely to have an excellent sense of social responsibility.

They also tend to be conscious of social mores, perhaps to the point of over-concern. Their natural caution allows them to advance slowly and steadily to the top. More about Capricorn Aquarians have a rebellious nature, and are eccentric, spontaneous and original.

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They are forward thinking and detached, and can seem conservative though they really are not very much so. They are scientifically minded and logical, and confident in manner. More about Aquarius Pisceans are friendly and likable, and yet can be very moody and introspective as well. Pisces is a watery sign, concerned with subtle emotions and secret mystical depths.