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The glass is both half empty AND half full. Whatever you want to call it is totally up to you. The real question is: how does it make you feel, when you decide to define the glass as half empty? Or when you describe it as half full? Make your choice accordingly. I suggest full! Our buddy Mercury, meanwhile, is dancing through Taurus, which makes the otherwise-flighty energy of Gemini somewhat more practical, earthy, and stable. Get ready to move forward on communication-related projects from either of those time-frames that have since stalled or gotten sidetracked.

As always, I would encourage you to take some time during this New Moon period to meditate on what you want to create: intentions seeded now will have ramifications for the day and two-and-a-half-year Moon cycles, as well as for the upcoming eight-year Venus Star Point cycle. Every now and then they are likely to bring up side issues about their personal lives and to chatter about friends, etc.

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Oracle: This Symbol shows people enjoying each other and sharing common goals. When a lot of the confusion of the day-to-day life is put aside, there can be an understanding of each other or those around you that is so strong it can feel like a soul connection. You should be able to relax and feel comfortable with your associates. Try not to look for or create any unnecessary complications. Get on with your job quietly and effectively with company that seeks the same things in life.

Finding a friend to learn and be creative with could lead to some valuable lessons about friendships, relating and the world. Keywords: Sharing of innocence and carefree thoughts and ideals. Exchanging views with like-minded individuals. Sense of companionship. Best friends. Having the right teacher. Learning and studying.

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Conversations that illuminate issues. Speaking many languages. The Caution: Failing to communicate in depth. Unsophisticated viewpoints. Societal or racial prejudice. Not hearing the opinions of others that may further the understanding about how the world works. Speaking a foreign language so as to exclude others. The pleasure of reading is doubled when one lives with another who shares the same books. Katherine Mansfield.

Whenever two good people argue over principles, both are always right. Jones has described the derivative of the Splay and Locomotive patterns as being based on the threefold principle and, in a sense, the others on the two-four pattern. In this context, the temperament types based on the threefold principle the Bundle, Locomotive and Splay give a greater degree of emphasis to the inner drive within the person taking control and emerging into manifestation.

Those patterns based on the two-four pattern the Seesaw, Bowl and Bucket are more challenged by their conditioning and their situation to manifest their potential. Because of this, when you come to the impasse of having to choose between one or another of the patterns and one choice is either the Splay or the Locomotive, then you are advised to lean to one of these patterns when possible. This in no way denigrates the two-four patterns.

It merely is a suggestion to allow the fullness of the inner being to be given the preference where it is possible to do so. A Splay is essentially a tripod pattern. It must have three separate segments with at least one empty sign between them. There is a reins planet if one segment consists of a single planet, and this is helpful when this is the case.

However, Dr.

Jones advised against patterning a chart as a Splay where two of the three legs of the Splay are single planets. A grand trine is also very characteristic of the Splay and it strengthens the typing when it is there. So — if you can find within the Seesaw pattern this tripod arrangement, then you might well think of patterning the chart as a Splay rather than a Seesaw.

If you are dealing with a chart that just won't fit any of the molds, then look for a slightly-over-the-orb, empty trine and advise the client from the standpoint of it being a Locomotive but tell them that they must put extra effort into achieving the potential that exists via the cutting planet. The cutting planet is the planet that faces clockwise into the empty trine segment of the chart and leads all the other planets. The extra effort is required because the trine is over orb but the client can be helped to achieve his potential with the awareness that you are able to bring to him.

Most usually you are going to have to find a way to fit this dilemma into the Seesaw pattern but you must have oppositions or at least the potential for one or more as with planets in opposite signs.

Brief Rundown On Squares In Astrology

In addition, you really hope to have the minimum of one empty square on one side of your Seesaw and an empty sextile on the other. If you still can't fit your chart to any of the types then take the one closest to it — but be sure to keep in mind that the distinctiveness of the typing may well be lacking in the person. Can you tell me which aspects are used in the Sabian system of astrology and how many degrees of orb are used for the planets?

If a planet with a larger degree of orb is paired with a planet that has a smaller degree of orb, then you take the larger degree of orb. For instance, if the Sun is trine Mercury you would allow 17 degrees of orb between the two. Remember, though, that the allowable degree of orb between the Sun and Mercury for a septile or quintile aspect is still only 2 degrees.

All planets are held to the two degree orb for a septile or quintile. The orbs given above are never stretched except when there is a "translation of light" or when there is a "good reason" to stretch it — such as when you see a potential that is superior to the drift an individual has tended to take in his life.

An example might be when the defining trine of a locomotive pattern in a chart is slightly over orb and the temperament pattern would otherwise have to be classified as a seesaw. If you see the glimmer of locomotive potential working in the individual, then you might tell your client that he has this potential and, if he is willing to put forth the effort and stretch himself, he could manifest and use it to his greater benefit.

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The keyword for the locomotive pattern is " Reformer. Used negatively , you find the rebel — the resister who refuses to play anyone's game but his own. The word "locomotive" is an apt description for this temperament type. It is a strong pattern. You should also pay close attention to the cutting planet the single planet facing clockwise into the empty trine space in a locomotive pattern.

That planet will give you another and vital key to the individual's personality. We will address the meaning of the planetary patterns and planets in high focus in the near future. I have a Horary question. In the Sabian method of astrology, do you draw the chart for the latitude and longitude of the questioner or do you use the locale of the astrologer? When working with horary questions, the astrologer's frame of reference is all important when it comes to the actual charting. It is the astrologer who places the question by house, and this will determine the actual answer.

In addition, it is the astrologer who will actually decide the time to be used to draw the chart. Because of this, it is the astrologer's locale that is used to chart the actual question. Naturally, the querant's inquiry is the focus of all this, and the astrologer must fully understand the querant's frame of reference as it initiates the entire procedure.

The querant's question is the issue that the astrologer must deal with. The time used to erect the horary chart is the precise time that the astrologer thoroughly understands the problem and exactly what the querant is asking. Only then is the astrologer able to determine which house will be the focus of the chart. At that point, and not before, the time is taken to be used for the actual charting.

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Horary questions are best phrased along the lines of "What will be the result of? This keeps the initiative in the hands of the querant and allows for a decisive conclusion to be drawn from the chart. Remember too that the more critical the question, the more strength the chart will display. Horary cannot be used successfully for idle curiosity. There must be a dynamic or a critical issue involved for the chart to be truly effective. Problem Solving by Horary Astrology by Dr. Marc Edmund Jones details these factors and covers everything necessary to achieve a truly professional approach to horary astrology.

These are all what Dr. Jones referred to as Focal Determinators and there are many others as well as these. In every instance, when any one of these exists in a chart, there is a uniqueness described but one is not necessarily a more powerful emphasis than another. It is more a differentiation than a matter of one being more powerful than the other. They are all powerful. When a chart holds many of these focal determinators, which I suspect is the case in this questioner's case, then there are various factors of uniqueness in the chart and each is significant in its own way.

The Rumble in the Jungle

The T-square is an opposition where both opposing planets are squared by another planet. That other planet is called the leg of the T. It is a powerful focus of energy that is insistent in the life. It requires and facilitates the development of the function that the leg of the T emphasizes by the sign, the activity that the planet involved describes, and the situation and circumstances that the house position indicates. The demands that this configuration makes are constant, and thus it creates an opportunity for the individual to develop great strengths and abilities in this area.

Life will demand it anyway, so it is advisable to cooperate and make the most of it.