Sextile astrology december 2 2019

Venus shows us what we value.

If while in Taurus, Venus valued stability and comfort, when in Gemini, we will value curiosity and intellectual pursuits. Learning a new skill can suddenly become more appealing to you in June. Traveling, meeting new people, surfing the web, writing or working with your hands can become unusually exciting and productive in the coming weeks. Everything starts in our imagination. Soul touching art, the cure for diseases, technological advancements — all firstly germinate in our minds as grand ideas, before they become realities.

With the Sun in aspect to Jupiter and Neptune, you want to be careful what you wish for. Because, y es, great advancements happen thanks to our imagination. In the womb of creation Neptune , anything is possible. But more than ever, it is important to remember that we are responsible for what we create.

If your life used to be boring and meaningless, that will change when both the planet of intention Mercury and the planet of action Mars conjoin the point of purpose North Node.

Jupiter in Capricorn Puts You Under the Midas Touch

You will need to show up and face your fears. But if you open your mind to new ways of doing, you will eventually find a workaround trine Neptune. The future is for those who dare. Neptune is the planet that dissolves everything it touches. So at first, Neptune will dissolve your beliefs so you can find a higher meaning, a higher order, a higher purpose for your life. Jupiter square Neptune will ultimately challenge those beliefs that are outdated and dogmatic.

This is the 2nd Jupiter-Neptune square the 1st one was in January, and the 3rd and last one will be in September. This is a turning point. You will reflect on what happened in the last months, and you will make a decision. The outcome of this decision will come in September. The downside of this exuberant Full Moon can be exaggeration and impulsivity.

Mars and Mercury opposite Pluto can make us lose our heads and act from our most primal self. This in combination with a Full Moon can make us become fanatical about our beliefs, especially if we are prone to be impulsive or forceful with our opinions. If on the contrary, you find it difficult to voice your beliefs and act from your integrity, this Full Moon will help you get in touch with what really matters, with those things that are really important to you, so that you can learn how to survive and thrive in any crisis. Mercury is the planet of the mind and Mars is the planet of action.

When the two planets meet in conjunction, our mind is aligned with our actions. Because the conjunction takes place in Cancer, a water, intuitive sign, it is a good idea to follow your intuition when you make a decision. You should simply take another route. No matter what, take action. June is the month of action.

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This is one of the most important transits of because it engages two slow-moving planets. Neptune and Saturn are very different. Neptune is all about spirituality, the law of attraction, dreams and living in other realms.

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On the other hand, Saturn is the planet of maturity, responsibility, hard work and discipline. Neptune without Saturn gets stuck in a fantasy world and accomplishes nothing, while Saturn without Neptune has nothing to aspire to, and gets depressed and cynical. The sextile is a supportive aspect but requires a bit of work. How many times have you missed great opportunities in your life?

With Saturn sextile Neptune, you want to pay attention to where these opportunities may lay, and do that extra bit of work to take advantage of them.

Saturn In Pisces Psychic

You feel that nothing can defeat you. The only villain out there is you. When a slow-moving planet like Neptune changes direction, we feel its energy more intensely. When Neptune changes direction, we can feel a deep longing to re-connect with the Source.

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How do we do that? By fantasizing, daydreaming, falling in love, or by escaping reality with drugs and alcohol. You can make the best out of Neptune stationary if you connect with your imagination. Get a pen and paper and write. Or get a pen and paper and draw something. Let your imagination guide you. Neptune will help you find connections that are otherwise inaccessible to your objective, Mercurial mind. On June 21st, Sun enters Cancer.

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Happy birthday to all Cancers out there! This is the time of the month when we all become more in touch with our emotions. Sun in Cancer is great for learning about your culture of origin, about your family tree, or about history in general. If you can, spend time with your family. The key to having a successful year is knowing how to work with these energies, so you end up coming out on top. That's why we've created a handy chart highlighting all the most influential transits happening throughout the year! Keep reading to learn more about the peaks and pitfalls of Talk about a cosmic kickstart to help you start your New Year off on the right foot!

A Solar Eclipse in Capricorn is going to highlight a new beginning in some area of your life. Because this eclipse is closely aligned with Saturn, also in Capricorn, you're ready to embrace this opportunity by rolling up your sleeves and getting down to business. And with all the persevering Goat energy floating around, you can be sure that any groundwork you lay during this eclipse will have serious long-term potential. Use this energy to set yourself up for long-term success!

With Neptune's illusory energy and Jupiter's expansive energy, you could find yourself very easily deceived when these two planets aspect. This might be the time when you trust someone you shouldn't or wear rose-colored glasses with a potential love interest. You could feel more optimistic than usual -- but exercise caution as this misleading energy could take you down a much riskier path than you'd care to go down. Fortunately, once you get past September 21, you won't have to worry about this energy for another six years. Talk about a Total Lunar Eclipse of the heart!

Because this eclipse takes place in the loving sign of Leo, matters around your deepest desires and whether they're being fulfilled could come into focus for you. What do you crave? Are your needs being met?

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Are you holding onto outdated beliefs of what love is supposed to look like? This eclipse not only serves as a reminder that we accept the love we think we deserve, but it also highlights that when we stop searching for something, we might realize it was in front of us all along. The impossible becomes the not-so-impossible when stabilizing Saturn syncs up with idealistic Neptune. All those dreams you've had but could never quite bring to fruition become possible now.

Saturn helps you focus Neptune's blurry lens, meaning that you're able to hold onto your wildest fantasies, while also applying hard work and a sensible approach. This is truly a dreams-do-come-true transit, so don't let this energy go to waste. After November 8, you won't have another opportunity like this for another 12 years!

This retrograde period could be a doozy! Mercury Retrograde on its own gets a little messy for all of us, but when the planet of communication goes haywire in the spacey sign of Pisces, you could feel yourself becoming depleted, showing up late to appointments, and having an inability to concentrate. But this retrograde period isn't all bad news. You can use this Mercury-Pisces combo to your advantage by indulging in a little escapism, allowing yourself to daydream and fantasize more than you normally would.

Myth, Magic, Moons, Stars….

Uranus entered Taurus back in May but backpedaled into Aries during its retrograde period. Once Taurus re-enters Taurus, he'll remain there through April Taurus is a sign that loves things to stay the same, while Uranus likes major shake-ups. This means that this transit could chip away at the foundations you've set up in your life, encouraging you to reinvent yourself in some way. Taurus is about values and the materials world, so you could see major changes in these areas of your life during this transit.

Total Solar Eclipses are potent enough on their own, but the eclipse in Cancer opposes Saturn in Capricorn.