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Combination of good planets gives better results and combination of malefic planets gives bad results. Gajakesari Yoga: Jupiter in an angle 1,4,7,10 from Moon forms Gajakesari yoga. The combination should be free from malefic aspects to give best results. The person with this yoga will be intelligent, leader, wealthy, respected and win over enemies.

Amala keerthi yoga: This yoga is formed when benefics Jupiter, Venus, Mercury occupy the 10th house from Lagna or Moon. The person with this yoga will enjoy life and wealth, charitable, good nature, earns good reputation, famous among his men. Lakshmi yoga: This yoga is formed when Lagna lord is powerful and Lord of 9th house Bhagya sthanaadhipathi occupies own house or exaltation house or moolatrikona house or in kendra. The person with this yoga will be rich, reputed, handsome, good character, fame, have sons and will be equal to king.

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Kemadruma yoga: This yoga is formed when no planets are either side of moon. The person with this yoga will be poor, illiterate and an idiot.

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This yoga gets cancelled if Jupiter aspects moon or if planets occupy kendras 1,4,7,10 from Lagna or Moon. Papa-kartari yoga: If Lagna or Moon hemmed between malefics, then the person will be sick, poor and short tempered. Shubha-kartari yoga: If Lagna or Moon hemmed between benefics good planets , then the person will be rich, good health and enjoys life. Even though these yogas are present in our horoscopes, if the dasa of the yoga causing planet does not operate and the yogakaraka planets are not favourably placed, the person may not get the desired results of these yogas.

Therefore, when the appropriate dasa comes, everybody should work harder to attain their goals. I would like to quote Thirukural verse at this context. Thirukural Verse Those who aim to own the world Must wait, unruffled, for the fitting hour.

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