December 18 birthday astrology virgo

Their nature is kind and sympathetic — they attract friends, and yet — only a few people know the true nature of such an individual.

Faithfulness and stability in friendship are their characteristic traits. Not always happy in marriage, for the primary factors when selecting a spouse are intellectual, with the character and origin left behind. They easily form friendships with the opposite sex, and later, with appropriate haste — engage. However, when they learn about too significant differences in character — they are just as quick to break the engagement.

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That straightforwardness and righteousness make them hate lies and false situations. However, as soon as the find the right spouse who understands, loves and respects them — they become an enthusiastic, yielding and sacrificing spouse, with all of their abilities becoming exceptionally developed.

Both men and women born on this day long for freedom everywhere and not let it be limited easily. What are their flaws? They do not care enough for their spiritual development and do not grow in life, neglecting their moral awareness. They care for nothing, find little blame in themselves and gladly agree to everything. Where they are in the spotlight, they wish everything else to be pushed aside.

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December 18 Birthday Horoscope

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